Well it is another year  for our great camp. We are excited about the new things that will be happening at the camp this year!

For the Kitchen there will be a new walk in cooler to make it easier to store all the food. This will be located outside and is self contained so the footprint wont take away from the much needed space in the kitchen. This unit can be moved into the future renovated kitchen ( yes that is correct we are starting to plan and budget) .


For the Nursing station: there will be running water to clean up all those bumps and bruises.

Line washrooms will get some new windows to let more light in and fresh air

 For the Kids! We are getting ANDY's  Canoe! After many years of relentless requests Andy's vision of the "BIG CANOE" is going to happen. We are excited and it will fit perfectly into this years activity plans for the camp.

So that is just some tidbits of what is happening to YOUR camp this year . Come out for work nights and check everything out.